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Autelmfg is the Autel Official Authorized Dealer of Autel Robotics Drone, Enterprise Products: EVO II Enterprise, EVO II RTK Series, EVO II DUAL 640T, Dragonfish Series, Autel Skycommand Center. Consumer Products: EVO II Pro, EVO II, EVO LITE Series, EVO NANO Series. Wholesale with Bottom Price!

 Line Inspections: Reduce costs, increase safety, and improve inspection workflow.

 Firefighting: Locate hotspots, patrol for forest fires, and shorten response times. Law Enforcement: Perform patrols, accident scene reconstruction, forensics, and crowd monitoring.

 Search & Rescue: Identify subjects, reduce response times, and optimize search area with automated mission planning.

 Chemical: Inspect plants more efficiently while improving work safety and lowering inspection costs.

 Solar: Reduce field time by using automated mission planning to streamline the inspection process, allowing operators or third party software to discover defects or faulty hardware using the thermal payload.

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Autel Drones offers drone capabilities consulting, aerial data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting. Whether it's multi-property facilities, dynamic infrastructure, construction sites, complex building facades, local rooftops, or property management, Autel drones solves to maximize on ROI, safety, and efficiency.