The new Autel EVO II Dual 640T thermal drone for sale is an 8K video camera with a maximum resolution of 7680 x 4320. 8K video contains four times as many pixels as 4K and sixteen times as many as HD, redefining visual quality and depth. A 48MP sensor catches every detail, and a 4x lossless zoom enables you to close in on a scene and trim the picture or video without sacrificing quality. The autel thermal drone video camera makes it simple to record scenes, zoom in, and reconstruct film.

With 12 vision sensors and a sophisticated obstacle avoidance technology, the autel evo2 is ideal for shooting high-quality video of your surroundings. The drone is also equipped with Dynamic Tracking 2.0, which simulates the location and speed of targets simultaneously, precisely predicts their trajectory, and continually monitors them, identifying up to 64 items concurrently. This drone's 360-degree obstacle avoidance feature allows you to confidently navigate it through confined locations and rugged terrain.

The latest thermal imager from Autel, the evo thermal drone, is intended to minimize inspection time and costs. The camera may be utilized for a number of purposes, including chemical inspection, line inspection, firefighting, law enforcement, and search and rescue. The thermal payload of the autel robotics enables rapid identification of malfunctioning or defective hardware. The thermal payload can also be utilized by operators or third-party software to expedite the inspection process. The camera is great for anybody seeking to increase productivity and safety while decreasing inspection expenses.

With the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), forest inspection is rapidly becoming a less time-consuming and less hazardous endeavor. UAVs are proven to be more efficient than conventional techniques for checking and monitoring mountains and forests, acquiring accurate information about forest resources, and uncovering concealed forest fire threats, poaching and logging, and other illicit activities in a timely way. This might have a significant influence on the entire forestry business.

With its modular architecture and open SDK, the autel robotics is engineered for optimal performance and limitless options. This autel thermal drone weights 2.5 pounds with the Smart Flight battery fitted and passes all portability standards. The EVO II is outfitted with a comprehensive array of obstacle detection sensors, including 12 vision sensors and two ultrasonic sensors on the underside of the drone. With its variable payload and real-time video streaming capabilities, the EVO II can be tailored to any application or requirement. The autel evo Dual 640T is ideal for every application, from industrial inspections to search and rescue, due to its robust features and expandable architecture.Now autel evo ii dual 640t price is definitely very affordable, buy now, you get value for money definitely more than the price.

 "IMHO Autel is kind of a midway point between Fimi and DJI." SamMateo said from rcgroup autel discussion, you can visit the drone forum  to know more about autel thermal drone.