The technology needed to accurately identify car faults is evolving along with the complexity of automobiles. When it comes to maintenance or repair work, having the proper tools is crucial, which is why technicians all over the world rely on top-of-the-line AUTEL products like the MAXITP MS TS408. With a number of fantastic enhancements, including the recently added option to activate OEM sensors and program aftermarket sensors without programming activation IDs, this strong yet user-friendly scan tool has just gotten even better. Because of this, it's now simpler than ever to get your automobile back on the road as soon as possible without worrying about sacrificing any functionality or safety features that original parts could have offered.

The Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 pressure sensor tire has been upgraded from the TS401/408 model. Additional capabilities include the ability to read/clear TPMS DTCs, read Sensor ID by OBD and copy ID into MX-Sensor, relearn via OBD function, check Key FOB, and select Tire Type/Pressure in a single step.

Two scanning modes are provided by the new Autel TS508 tire pressure monitoring system sensor to provide quicker and easier TPMS operation. Simple tasks like sensor scanning, sensor programming, and procedure relearning are ideal for the Quick Mode. The Advanced Mode offers all the required tools for more difficult operations like diagnosing TPMS systems or reprogramming MX-Sensors. Both modes make it simple to find what you need and complete tasks swiftly. As a result, TPMS repairs will be quicker and more effective. Autel has been a market leader in offering high-quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for more than ten years. The goal of Autel is to make vehicle repair and diagnostics accessible to all customers.

There are four ways to program MX-sensors on the Autel TS508. It is known as "copy by activation" in the first method. This technique transfers sensor data from an operating ECU to the replacement. "Copy by manual input" is the alternative method. Users can manually enter specific sensor data using this technique. "Auto generate 1-16" is the third option. For up to 16 sensors, this technique generates sensor data automatically. "Copy by OBD" is the fourth and final approach. Using OBDII diagnostics, this technique copies sensor data from a functioning ECU. The Autel TS508 enables users to quickly and simply program MX-sensors using these four techniques.

A TPMS diagnosis feature is included in the Autel TS508 TPMS relearn tool. You can use this tool to check for sensor-related issues, tire deflation, and wheel rotation. Additionally, the tyre pressure monitor TS508 may display on-screen DTC descriptions and read or clear TPMS DTCs. The TS508 could be an excellent tool to assist you diagnose and resolve TPMS system difficulties if you're experiencing them.

The Autel TS508TPMS scanner makes it simpler to program TPMS sensors. The tyre pressure monitoring system in your automobile may be set up and functioning more quickly and easily thanks to the OBD Relearn function, which enables the scanner to write sensor IDs straight to the TPMS module. As a result, the TS508TPMS with OBD Relearn is a good option if you're searching for a simple approach to train your TPMS sensors. Users can now print TPMS DTC recorded data from the Autel TS508 thanks to its Print Data function. Users may benefit from easier data analysis and saving thanks to this feature. Users can have a physical copy of their data that they can refer to later or carry with them for troubleshooting if they have the capacity to print. Anyone who wishes to be able to quickly and simply print their TPMS data should use the Autel TS508.

The TS508 tyre pressure monitor was created to simplify TPMS maintenance and repairs. One-step TPMS health checks, reading and clearing TPMS codes, on-screen DTC descriptions, resetting the TPMS warning light, activating and relearning both factory-installed and aftermarket TPMS sensors, reading sensor data, programming Autel MX-sensors, and more features are all included in this tool. With the TS508, maintaining a TPMS system is now quicker and simpler than before.