The Autel 640t has a strong airframe that can resist some rather strong winds. As you can see, it has a foldable design and can be deployed very quickly. The high definition thermal camera, which has a resolution of 640 x 512 and is undoubtedly the aircraft's most appealing feature. Finally, it is connected to an optical sensor that has a great, high resolution, optical camera and is of extremely high quality. Really fantastic 8K video camera with additional digital zooming options. There is an HDMI out if you want to put this up in your command bus. There are a few additional outputs available for you to extract video from this device. Up to 5 kilometers separate this from the aircraft. Additionally, you may connect it to any available device, such as a computer monitor or flat-screen television. 

Anyway, the top industrial drones at the moment are autel ii dual 640t. They are widely used for both commercial and public safety purposes. Additionally, you can simplify your rescue effort by using the heat sensor.Now autel evo ii dual 640t price is absolutely unprecedented.

Let's now discuss performance, cameras, and drones. The 640 into 512 video metric thermal sensor on the Autel evo 2 thermal drone features a 13 millimeter lens. Using its 8-times zooming capability, this lens can recognize subjects up to 100 meters away. Asdditionally, it offers three different photo shooting modes, including single shot, continuous shot, and time lapse shot.

For this sensor, the maximum temperature range in the high gain mode is - 20 ° 2 + 150 °C. It accommodates 0°, 2°, and 550°. because of that. Its illustration of thermal limits makes it simple to locate hot spots. Additionally, the Autel Evo 2 drone has a 48 megapixel camera that can record 8 k video and can swim continuously without the video quality suffering.

On the other hand, the autel evo 2 dual, 12, 640 t and the dgim 30 t both operate in high gain mode using the identical 640 into 5, 12 thermal sensor. 20 to 150 °C can be measured using this thermal sensor. It can measure temperatures between 0 and 500 °C in low gain mode. Additionally, the drone features a 4. 8 bank capital camera with 16 times optical zoom, enabling users to record 4 k films at 30 frames per second in addition to taking images with an H-curve solution. Additionally, it contains a laser rangefinder that has a 1,200 meter detection range.

Finally, thermal sensors have the same density of pixels, which is 12 micrometers.