There are many kinds of drones on the market that are dazzling. But after learning about the autel evo 2 pro 6k drone, you will not hesitate to choose it. It is a truly powerful drone with a high price/performance ratio.

Is the Autel Evo 2 Pro worth it?

Sure. The autel evo 2 pro drone has received positive for both its excellent hardware and advanced functions.

The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone equipped with professional 6K Sony camera

Professional hardware, Capture Every Details

The autel drone evo 2 pro is a professional-grade drone that comes with a built-in 7.9-inch screen in the Smart Controller V2. The drone has a 20-megapixel 1-inch CMOS image sensor that supports up to 6K video resolution and an adjustable aperture range of f2.8 to f11. The autel evo 2 pro also features Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 for improved noise reduction in low light operations. It also offers 4K HDR video, 12-bit DNG photos, hyper-lapse photography in 6K, and SkyLink 2.0 video transmission up to 9 miles. It also comes with the Autel Smart Controller SE, which features a 6.4-inch OLED touch screen and the latest gen 8-core processor for HD image transmission up to 15km away. The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone supports multi-port HDMI real-time output for monitoring and live streaming with 1080P/60FPS video stream capability at 7.5-mile transmission range and supports tri-band communication with automatic frequency hopping for maximum anti-interference capabilities.

Maximum Performance Flight Capability

The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone has impressive flight capabilities, making it a popular choice for professional photographers and videographers. It can fly for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, thanks to its 7100mAh rechargeable battery. The autel drone evo 2 pro's top speed is 45 mph and can ascend at a rate of 5m/s and descend at a rate of 3m/s. The autel evo 2 pro¬†has a maximum flight altitude of 7km above sea level and can fly up to 9 miles away from the controller. The drone features 360¬į obstacle avoidance technology and AI-enhanced dynamic tracking, making it safe to fly in various terrains and environments. The autel evo 2 pro rugged bundle drone's flight capability is impressive and reliable, making it a great choice for professional use.

- What is the top speed of Autel Evo Pro 2? - 45 mph

- Can Autel drones be tracked? - Yes. The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone has AI-enhanced dynamic tracking.

Amazing Ranges

The autel evo 2 pro rugged bundle drone has an impressive range of up to 9 kilometers (or 5.59 miles) when using the included remote controller with the extended-range antenna. This means that you can fly the drone up to 9 kilometers away and still maintain a stable video and telemetry signal. However, it's important to note that this maximum range may vary in different environments and conditions, such as interference or obstacles. Nonetheless, the drone's long-range capability makes it a great choice for professional aerial photography and videography, as it allows you to capture stunning footage from a distance without compromising on image quality or stability.

- What is the range of Autel Evo 2 Pro? - 9 kilometers (or 5.59 miles)

In addition to the quailty hardware, Autel has invested a lot of talent and money in testing and developing the drone in order to guarantee the customer‚Äôs experience, and has developed the series od leading and intelligent functions for the drone, such as 360¬įObstacle Aviodance, Dynamic Tracking 2.0, Failsafe&Ket Return Home, etc.


The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone has 360¬į obstacle avoidance technology

360¬į Obstacle Avoidance Technology

The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone's obstacle avoidance technology is a critical safety feature that helps prevent the drone from colliding with obstacles such as trees, buildings, or other drones. The autel evo 2 pro drone features 360¬į obstacle avoidance technology that uses 12 computer vision sensors and two sonar sensors to detect obstacles and adjust the drone's flight path in real-time.

The obstacle avoidance system works by creating a 3D map of the drone's surroundings and using machine learning algorithms to analyze the data and identify potential obstacles. If the autel evo 2 pro 6k drone detects an obstacle in its path, the autel drone evo 2 pro will automatically adjust its flight path to avoid the obstacle, or it will stop and hover in place until the obstacle is cleared.

This technology makes it much safer and easier to fly a drone in various environments, including cities, forests, and mountains. It also allows pilots to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about collisions. The autel evo 2 pro rugged bundlel's obstacle avoidance technology is an essential feature that enhances the safety and usability of their drones.

Dynamic Tracking 2.0

The Dynamic Tracking 2.0 feature of the autel evo 2 pro 6k drone is an advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to track and follow moving subjects automatically. This feature allows the drone to follow a subject while maintaining a safe distance and avoiding obstacles in real-time.

Dynamic Tracking 2.0 uses advanced algorithms to identify and track moving subjects such as people, animals, and vehicles. The autel evo 2 pro then predicts the subject's movements and adjusts the drone's flight path to keep the subject in frame. The technology can also track multiple subjects simultaneously, making it ideal for capturing footage of sports events, wildlife, and other fast-moving subjects.

The feature is enhanced by the autel evo 2 pro 6k drone's 3D mapping and obstacle avoidance technology, which allows it to avoid obstacles and maintain a safe distance from the tracked subject. Dynamic Tracking 2.0 is an advanced feature that makes it easy to capture high-quality footage of fast-moving subjects without the need for manual control, making it an essential tool for professional photographers and videographers.

Failsafe&Ket Return Home

The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone features a failsafe and return-to-home function that automatically brings the drone back to its takeoff location if it loses signal or encounters an issue during flight. This feature is designed to ensure the safe return of the drone and prevent it from getting lost or damaged.

If theautel drone evo 2 pro loses connection with the remote controller, the failsafe mode will automatically be activated. The autel evo 2 pro drone will then hover in place for a short period to try and reestablish a connection. If it fails to do so, it will automatically initiate the return-to-home function and fly back to its takeoff location.

The return-to-home function also activates if the drone's battery is running low. When the battery level reaches a certain threshold, the drone will automatically fly back to its takeoff location and land safely.

The failsafe and return-to-home function is an essential safety feature that ensures the safe operation of the drone and provides users with peace of mind during flight.

Since the launch of autel evo 2 pro 6k drone, it has received a lot of praise, which is the recognition and support for Autel, and Autel will take everyone's recognition to give better service.

The autel evo 2 pro 6k drone has received a lot of praise

Indeed, the autel evo 2 pro 6k drone is so powerful and advanced. You will receive more surperises by owning it. Do you want to expolre with it? Let it be your Easter gift! Order now!

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