A dual drone is the Autel EVO II 640t. We have a daylight capability as well as an internal 640 boson core with thermal capabilities at night. It's very amazing.

If you consider search and rescue, thousands of dollars are required only to purchase a helicopter, pay for fuel, and do routine maintenance. As a result, these people and counties are disappearing. Therefore, maintaining those things requires a lot of upkeep. The cost of these aircraft for search and rescue is significant. Simply examine the bill. If you've been paying attention, you already know that helicopter rescues are highly expensive.

With the enormous number of hogs that are present in Texas. Drone use requires a specific licence, and in some locations there are many pigs on this flooded ranch. And getting into it is difficult. Johnson grass stands at 6 feet tall, and the other plants, which are at least 8 to 10 feet tall but whose names are unknown. Additionally, the hogs are tucked away and not leaving. What good is owning a drone like that from autel evo 2 thermal, then?

The Autel EVO II 640T is excellent for spotting pigs as long as you're acting legally.

It's excellent for scouting and spotting things of that nature outside. This goes beyond law enforcement and search and rescue.

There are three batteries in the autel evo 2 thermal, and you can download an APP to your phone. It is quite astounding how they were able to find so many pigs hiding in the meadow using this drone and how they could even plainly see the pigs huddled together. When viewed from above, they congregate into a single fine line and resemble virtually snakes or a swarm of ants. If you watch the ants moving back and forth on the ground. They are moving there together in identical that manner. Such a clear and captivating vista is visible.

These pigs have been seen on the ranch by a blogger using an autel evo 2 dual. He asserted that "With this drone on top of the pigs in the brush, I've descended to a height of about 10 feet. They didn't even bother to look up and didn't move. They were hidden by bushes. The thickness of it is visible. The brush is shown moving over. Piglets can be seen appearing out of nowhere. And the video was excellent. Pigs with Autel EVO II 640t were discovered in locations where I couldn't see them. My mouth dropped when I realized how many pigs there were in places that we couldn't access; it is truly astounding. I'm eagerly awaiting winter, when all of this vegetation will have died away."

Use the Autel EVO 640t. Amazing clarity prevails. Even in the middle of the day, when the sun is setting, you may use the AK camera to capture thermal images. It resembles a cover. Flying in during the day will allow you to use the ortel to detect any kind of heat signature. It certainly is pretty cool.