The autel maxicom mk808 is a system-wide diagnostic tool with comprehensive diagnostic and reset features that supports all ten OBDII working modes and is designed for routine maintenance of over 55 automobile models worldwide. The maxicom mk808's one-click AutoVIN and AutoScan capabilities make intelligent diagnostics more convenient and quick. Furthermore, the maxicom mk808 offers Wi-Fi software updates and multi-language options.

The autel scanner features a 1.5GHz 4-core Cortex-A9 CPU and a 7-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1024*600. It has 32GB of memory and a 5000mAh battery.

The autel maxicom mk808 is intended for professional automotive diagnostics. autel scanners are capable of diagnosing all system issues and providing 25 service services. Users may access complete car diagnostics with the included MaxiCheck Pro program. This scanner does a thorough assessment of all systems (ABS, SRS, engine, gearbox, braking system, emission system, fuel system, lighting system, wiper system, and so on), covering 28 often utilized hot services and includes complete diagnostics and reset capabilities. Also includes one-click upgrades for new features, bug fixes, and expanded vehicle coverage.

The maxicom mk808 features an excellent wire design and a sturdy case wrap. Ideal for real-time data capabilities, DTC codes, and software-assisted services such as calibration, reset, and post-replacement instruction.

For operation,autel scanners supports the most prevalent 13 languages. English (United States), French (Canada), Spanish (Mexico), German, Italian, Dutch (Netherlands/Belgium), Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish (Sweden), Finnish (Finland), Danish (Denmark), Turkish (Turkey), and Greek are among the languages supported (Greece). It is handy for service technicians from all around the world. 

Furthermore, this autel scanners features ten modes of OBD2 testing, covering everything that can go wrong with any current vehicle make or model, local or foreign. In addition to diagnosing automotive defects, the usage of maxicom mk808 offers users with a straightforward and fast operating experience when confronted with complicated maintenance challenges. All of these functions are housed in an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen tablet with sharp visuals and simple navigation. When it comes to checking your automobile, there's very nothing this gadget can't accomplish as one of the best car diagnostic scanners available today.