The 640T has received high acclaim for its strength and efficiency in a variety of applications including as law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, and line, chemical, and sunlight detection.

The EVO II 640T thermal imaging camera, with a maximum resolution of 640 x 512, can record fine details of objects up to 100 meters away. This degree of capture capability exceeds the range of comparable aircraft by four times! Furthermore, the Autel 640tĀ has smooth thermal motion and a refresh rate of 30 Hz. The Autel 640t can take central, local, and regional temperature measurements, as well as perform strong infrared thermal analysis, temperature monitoring, and image enhancement.

The 10 thermal palettes on the EVO II 640TĀ provide optimal performance in a variety of job and shooting conditions. Picture-in-picture mode allows users to view both visual and thermal data simultaneously.

With resolutions of up to 7680 x 4320, 8k video captures even the most minute details. Users can customize the visual clarity and saturation. This implies that you may zoom in and out of a 4k image without affecting the image in any way.

A distinctive instrument for public safety assurance, the 48 megapixel dual sensor camera takes and may incorporate thermal and RGB pictures in the metadata.

The EVO II 640T has 19 sensor groups for 360-degree obstacle detection and real-time path planning. Dynamic Tracking 2.0 can imitate and forecast object movement. Up to 64 things can be decided at the same time. The 640T also has a magnesium alloy body, real-time video transmission with variable payloads, and an open SDK for new services.

Ā TheĀ Autel evo II 640tĀ has a flight time of 38 minutes, a wind resistance of Class 8, a transmission range of 5.5 miles, and a peak speed of 45 mph.

The 640T is crucial for increasing safety and inspection processes, over-the-horizon and accident reconstruction, and search and rescue efficiency.