Solved! The ways to use Autel MK808 to Reset Porsche Cayenne Check Engine Light.
This post is showing how to use Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic tool to reset a 2013 Porsche Cayenne Check Engine Light. I think if you follow the ways, you will reset
the check engine light successfully.
Firstly, inset the cable to connect Autel MK808 with the OBD2 port of vehicle, then go access to main menu for start:
As you can see, the check engine warning light is flashing now.
Press “Diagnostics”>> Porsche >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK
Yes >> Control unit >> DME >> Read codes >> ESC
Erase codes >> Ignition on and engine off, press “Yes”>> Yes >> OK
Codes has been successfully erased. Now let’s return to “Read codes” to verify.
No fault codes detected. The check engine warning light also went out.
That is absolutely fantastic, it’s quickly done in 3 minutes!
Autel MK808 OBD2 scanner also supports oil reset, EPB reset, SAS reset, DPF regeneration, BMS reset…etc.That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

Solved! How to Register,Update,Change Language and Update Data Log with Autel MK808?
Friends, it is a great share for you.This article is gonna bring you some necessary steps you may need to do before using Autel MK808. We will cover:
Autel MK808 Register
Autel MK808 Update
Autel MK808 Change language
Autel MK808 Upload data log
Four part of content that is the core for customers to check:
Part1: Register
Turn on Autel Maxicom MK808 and connect to WIFI.
Open MaxiCOM app.
Click on "Upgrade" to enter login interface.
Enter your Autel ID and password to login.
If you don't have an Autel ID, press "Create an Autel ID" and complete the registration as the prompts.

Part2: Update
For the first time use, it will jump into the update interface automatically after the registration .
Then download "OS"(operating system), “System Program" and "AutoVIN" successively.
When it is over, the device will refresh again, and then press"Update" to download vehicle software.
If this is not your first-time use, just kick on "Update" icon on Homepage if you find a number in the red circle beside it.
Then choose the updates available. Likewise, part of updates will refresh the device.

Part3: Change language
The default language is English, and it also supports German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Swedish and Chinese.
Send us your serial number(SN) to get the language exchange online if you want to change the language. No extra cost needed.
After we add the language you want.
1) Change the menu language
On the function menu, press
Setting>>Language>>(The language you want)
2)Change the software language
On Homepage, press
Setting>>System Settings>>Language&Input>>(The language you want)
Reboot the device and download software again in language you want.
Hope this will help you deal with the registration, update or language changing of Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

Part4: Upload data log
When you come across a problem, press the data logging icon.
Choose in which step you met the problem and press"OK"
Describe details and vehicle information.
Then press Upload" button to send the data log.
Or we can press"Save" button to save the data log.
Back on the function menu, press
Data Manager>>Data Logging>>History>>(The data log you want to upload)>>Upload
That's all the steps about Autel MaxiCOM MK808 registration, update, language changing and data log uploading.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

3.Solved! How to Reset VW Polo 6R SRS Airbag Light by Autel MK808?
Friends, here is the solution of reseting VW Polo 6R SRS Airbag Light by Autel MK808. Let's take the case for example. There is an airbag warning light on the dashboard of the VW Polo 6R. So I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 scan tool to diagnose what are the reasons caused.
Connect Autel MK808 with OBD2 port, press
Diagnostics >> Volkswagen >> System selection >> 6R – Polo >> Control unit >> Airbag 15 >> Trouble codes
As you can see, there are 3 fault codes here on screen: 1 of them seems to relate to the airbag.
B100A1B – Active/static – Front passenger side airbag igniter. Resistance too high.
So what I should do now is to unclip a connection underneath the passenger seat.
Okay, here we go, the airbag light is still on the dashboard, let’s go to clear fault codes first.
Press “Clear DTC”.
The ignition on and the engine off? Yes
DTCs and freeze data will be deleted.
Press “Yes” to continue.
No-fault codes detected.
Press “OK” to finish.
Meanwhile, the airbag light has gone!
Assuming that we’ve found the fault codes, and we actually fixed the problems such as changing sensor or wiring, then we can come back into the vehicle with Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool to clear trouble codes.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

4.Confirmed! The ways to Reset BMW 3 Series F31 2016 ABS/DSC Warning Light by Autel MK808.
Friends, here is the solution of reseting BMW 3 Series F31 2016 ABS/DSC Warning Light via Autel MK808. I think if you follow the ways, you will reset it successfully.
There is an ABS warning light on the 2016 BMW 3 series F31 dashboard, so I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 scan tool to diagnose it.
Car model and year: BMW 3 Series F31 2016 .
Purpose: Turn off the ABS/DSC Warning Light
Tool used: Autel MaxiCOM MK808
Plug the connector into the OBD2 port, let’s go to Autel MK808,
Diagnostics >> BMW >> Manual selection >> 3 Series >> F30/F31/F35 >> Yes
Turn the ignition off, please wait…
Turn the ignition on, please wait…
It is communicating with the ECU, and it’ll give us a big list of a system that will allow us to diagnose. I need to find the ABS/DSC system.
Diagnosis >> Control unit >> Chassis
ABS – DSC(ABS-Dynamic stability control) >> Read codes
It’s telling one fault code here: 48082A – wheel speed sensor(WSS): right rear voltage supply circuit short to battery(+)
It means that there is a fault with the rear right ABS sensor. It is a very common failure on BMW’s actually, what I had done was to change the ABS sensor over, and put a new one in.
So go back to clear codes,
ESC >> Erase codes
TCs and freeze data will be deleted, press “Yes” to continue.
Codes have been successfully erased. Press “OK” to finish.
The ABS warning light has gone!
We can return to “Read codes” again to verify as well.
This is using Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool to reset ABS for a BMW 3 series F31, it can also works on BMW 3 Series E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F35, BMW 4 Series F32, F33, F36, BMW 5 Series E39, E60, F07, F10, F11…etc.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

5.What is the advantage of  autel scanner pro MK808 ?
Friends, here I want to share a great product for you. The Autel Maxicom MK808 automotive diagnostic scanner is a combination of the Maxicheck pro and MD802 all systems scanners. It has the ability to perform a wide range of functions such as basic OBD2 functions, special functions, and advanced functions like supporting auto bleed test and IMMO functions.
The Autel MK808 is also a modern and fast tablet scanner. It allows one to work with clear and large touchscreen and several power processes. Additionally, it takes a relatively shorter time to recharge as compared to a normal OBD2 scanner. The implication of this is that the data displayed live incredibly useful and codes come up faster.
Large color touchscreen for easy use
Compatible with most OBD2 compliant vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer
Fast and powerful processor for exceptional performance
Performs a wide range of functions
Large storage capacity
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

6. Confirmed! How to use AUTEL MK808 IMMO Service?
Friends, as we known that Autel MK808 is a multifunctional product. One of the great function is the IMMO service. An immobilizer is an anti-theft mechanism that prevents an automobile’s engine from starting if the correct ignition key is not used or other device is present. This device prevents thieves from starting the vehicle by a method known as hot wiring. Most new vehicles have an immobilizer as standard equipment. An important advantage of this system is that it doesn’t require the vehicle owner to activate it; it operates automatically. An immobilizer is a more effective anti-theft protection than an audible alarm alone; many auto insurance companies offer lower rates for vehicles that are equipped with them.
As an anti-theft device, an immobilizer disables one of the systems needed to start a vehicle’s engine, usually the fuel supply or the ignition. This is accomplished by radio frequency identification between a transponder in the ignition key and a device called a radio frequency reader in the steering column. When the key is placed in the ignition, the transponder sends a signal with a unique identification code to the reader that relays it to a receiver in the vehicle’s computer control module. If the code is correct, the computer allows the fuel supply and ignition systems to operate and start the vehicle. If the code is incorrect or absent, the computer disables the system, and the vehicle will be unable to start until the correct key is placed in the ignition.
The IMMO service of MK808 enables you to disable the lost vehicle keys and program are placement key fob. One or more replacement key fob can be programmed, depending on your needs.
To program the replacement key fob(s)
Tap “IMMO KEYS” after entering the “Service” function from the MaxiCOM Job Menu.
Tap “Automatic Selection” or “Manual Selection” to acquire vehicle VIN information and tap Yes to confirm.
Tap “Erase/Program all key fobs” in the IMMO function list after it is displayed, the list may vary for different vehicles being tested.
1) To complete key fob programming, you need to acquire the Security Code, which can be acquired through the Security Code Read function in hot functions.
2) Before programming, please check and erase the fault codes.
Read the on-screen information carefully and follow the instructions to complete the operation.

7. Confirmed! Does Autel MK808 have free updates?
Friends, Autel MaxiCOM MK808 includes one year of free software updates. After the initial year expires, you may purchase an additional year of Total Care Program (TCP). Updating your tool coverage is fast and easy and the Autel Total Care Program will keep your tool running and provide you unlimited access to the latest software and functionality for a full year. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

8. Solved! Which scanner is suitable for you? Autel DS808 or Autel MK808?
Friends, Autel DS808 and Autel MK808 are both good products. But it based on what you want to use the scanner for, you will find that Autel MK808 diagnostic code reader is great for the DIY enthusiast and startup mechanics, while the Autel DS808 is ideal for professional technicians and busy auto repair shops. This is because the latter is quite costly and has more advanced features when compared to the former.
But make no mistake; these two are quality scan tools with an excellent bootup time. The code readers are internet updateable and feature a 7-inch LCD touchscreen for easy interpretation of results. With the Android 4.4.4 operating system and A9 processor, you will diagnose different car problems quickly and accurately. More for Autel Official Scanner.
Hope it helps!

9. Solved! How to Bleed the Brake System by Autel MK808?
Friends, Autel MK808 diagnostic scanning tool can meet a variety of special functions, including EPB,Oil reset, BMS, etc., and it is still growing. This article will introduce the ways to bleed ABS Brake by Autel MaxiCOM MK808.
Firstly, you should know when and why you should bleed the ABS brake system.
1.When the ABS contains air, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.
2.If the ABS computer, ABS pump, brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake line, or brake fluid is replaced, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the ABS.

Secondly, let’s see how to bleed the brake system by Autel MK808.
Take 2017 Hyundai (Korea) Accent (RB) as an example
Connect MK808 to the corresponding vehicle via the main cable properly
Enter “Brake Bleed” service function
Select Asia-> Hyundai-> Automatic selection
Then click “Read” to acquire VIN directly
Select Hyundai (Korea) and confirm the vehicle info detect out
Select Hot functions-> Brake bleed-> HCU Air bleeding mode
Ensure solenoid valve status: closed and motor pump status: Off, then continue
When all normally closed (NC) valves and the pump motor are activating, depress the brake pedal to the floor. When pump motor activation stops, release the brake pedal. Repeat until the time reached the 60s.
Now the ABS brake bleed on MaxiCOM MK808 is done!
Besides Hyundai (Korea), the Autel Maxicom Mk808 OBD2 scan tool also supports Hyundai (Europe/General/USA) brake bleed special function.
Hope it helps!

10. Confirmed! Can you program keys by Autel MK808?
Yes, of course. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 scan tool will be able to reprogram key to new ecu for compatible vehicles, kindly check the detailed vehicle coverage from the link: (Select Product Model MK808, Vehicle make, vehicle model, Year and function /sub-function) Thank you for sharing your time with us!