1.Solved! The way to Fix BMW FRM by Autel IM508 Plus XP400 Pro.
Autel IM508 in the automotive market is a multifunctional and powerful key Fob Programming Tool. It can support 25+ most useful service functions and OE-LEVEL all systems diagnosis. What's more, Autel IM508 is perfectly compatible with Autel XP400 Pro Key Programmer.

Autel IM508
Today, here is an article to make a specific explanation of the frequent question asked by lots of friends: can I use Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro to fix FRM module on BMW?
Yes. The function is greatly supported. But it depends on which BMW car model it is. So you should check the car model supported by the menu path:
Pay attention to: Programmer\Chip (EEPROM, MCU, ECU)\Chip read & write\Other\BMW
Then please attach the step-by-step procedure to fix BMW FRM:
Tap ‘Programmer’ on the main menu of IM508.
If it prompts"Programmer is disconnected! Please connect the programmer first and click [OK]".
Tap 'OK' to continue
Select Chip (EEPROM, MCU, ECU)>> Chip read & write>> Other>> BMW

Then you can see the related BMW models supported. You should check your car model to make sure it supports.

After confirmed the car model, you should read the operation guide below.
Only for “Read” and “Write” supported at unencrypted status.
The second situation is that if the EEE or D-FLASH reads the data again after it has been written, and the data are inconsistent, so please first execute “Write partition”, and then carry out normal read and write after the operation of “Write partition” is successful.
You should know that0“Write partition” supports setting partition, but will lead to EEE or D-FLASH data loss.
Tap 'D-FLASH' and 'OK’
Then tap ‘Schematic diagram’ to view the corresponding diagram and operation guide. Here the following steps are important, please follow then carefully.
Step 1: Important! APA106 wire harness is only available for XP401/XP400 programmer; APA109 wire harness is only available for XP401 Pro/XP400 Pro programmer. Don't mix! If you have any questions, please consult us for other programmers.
Step 2: Check the circuit board of the current components, and carefully identify the corresponding circuit board.
Step 3: Connect, read or write data.
Just follow the operation guide to do.
Autel IM508 Plus XP400 Pro is a powerful key fob programming tool to meet your daily requirement. As well it provides lots of convenience for amateur mechanic, professional mechanics order, professional mechanic, advanced user, car shop owners, master technician etc.. .
That is all the related information here. Hope it helps!

2. Solved! Can BMW E60 Read Data and Learn Key by Autel IM508 & XP400 Pro?
Dear friends, this article will give you the answer to the question: I have one 2004 BMW E60 and 2 cars E60 2007. Is it possible to learn new key by Autel IM508 and XP400 pro? To answer the question, we should learn about the basic knowledge of Autel IM508.
Autel IM508 key fob programming tool can perform various IMMO functions like Read PIN/CS(All Key Lost), Key Generation, Key Learning, Remote Learning, for Benz FEM/BDC Key Learning/ECU Adaptation, for BMW CAS3/2 Key Learning, for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat IMMO III/IV/V Add Key,
All Key Lost, IMMO ECU Reset/Adaptation/Refresh/Coding and programming functions Key Chip Read & Write, EEPROM Read & Write, Transponder Read & Write and basic MCU Read & Write. Autel IM508 is perfectly compatible with Autel XP400 Pro Key Programmer.
When Autel IM508 is connected to XP400 Pro, IM508 would have the same IMMO key programming functions as Autel IM608 Pro to further extends its capability to support IMMO functions for BMW CAS4 Key Learning.
What's more, it also supports programming functions like IMMO ECU Read & Write, MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read & Write, other functions like IC Card Read & Write, for Mercedes Infrared Key Read & Write, Remote Frequency Detect and it will support PC connection.
BMW E60 belongs to EWS3 or EWS4 immobilizer system, you need to disassemble the original EWS module firstly, next you should use Autel XP400 Pro to read EEPROM/ Flash data and save into the device successfully and accurately, finally, learn key by MaxiIM IM508.
Then please follow the operation instruction for BMW EWS3 key programming with IM508.
Connect Autel MaxiIM IM508 to XP400 Pro and the EWS3 module properly
Note: Don't connect XP400 Pro key programmer to the vehicle (EWS3 module)!
Operate on Autel IM508 key programmer
1.Read EEPROM data
Select “Automatic selection”-> tap “Read” to read out VIN automatically (Note: No need to enter VIN manually)
Read out the vehicle info and confirm if it is correct
Select the related car year, system to read data
Pay attention to the reference: Read Benz W207 EIS Data by Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro
2.Learn key
Please follow these procedures below.
Accurately select BMW-> System selection-> Immobilizer-> EWS Immobilizer-> Key operation-> Key learning.
Pay attention to the prompt on screen and go to next step carefully.
Then choose the EWS data that has been read and saved by XP400 Pro.
Next confirm the type of current EEPROM file is EWS immobilizer system and continue to perform successfully.
Select one key unused to write.
Put a blank key into the slot of the XP400 Pro programmer.
Then please wait for a moment to write key until you make sure that the process is successful.
After that, check the key status again, the key programmed will show “Used” status accurately and successfully.
That is all the related information here. Hope it helps!

Autel MaxiIM IM508

3. Solved! The way to start key programming function on new autel scanner IM508.
Dear friends, one of the most useful and important function of Autel IM508 is its powerful key fob programming. Now this article will show you clear solution of getting started key programming tool Autel IM508.
Note: Before operating or maintaining this unit, please read the guide and manual carefully, as well as pay extra attention to the safety warnings and precautions to make sure you start the key programming function successfully. Use this unit correctly and properly.
If you fail to do so may cause damage or personal injury and will void the product warranty.

Step 1: Register.
The first thing is to create an Autel ID and register the product with the tablet's SN and password successfully.

Step 2: Turn on Key programming tool and connect.
Then long press the lock or the power button to turn on the Autel IM508 key programming tool.
Connect the main cable's female adapter to the key programming tool and tighten the captive screws.
(It means that you should turn on key programming tool and connect the main(OBD) cable to IM508, so that Autel IM508 connected with the main(OBD) cable.)

Step3: Connect the main cable to your vehicle.
Connect the cable's 16-pin male adapter to the vehicle's DLC, which is generally located under the vehicle dash.
Tighten the captive screws and your key programming tools are now ready for use.
(In this step, it means you successfully connected Autel IM508 to the vehicle with the main(OBD) cable.)

Step4: Software update.
Now please connect the key programming tools to the internet and tap update in the Maxi IM job menu to view all the available updates.
Learn how to update Autel MaxiIM IM508.
(In this step, Autel IM508 will perform software update and software update for load more new function or more vehicle coverage.)

Immobilizer functions on Autel IM508.
This function requires connection between the vehicle, the MaxiIM IM508 key programming tool and the XP200.

Step1: Connect the vehicle and Autel IM508.
You should to connect the vehicle and key programming tools with the supplied main cable on the Autel IM508 key programming tool.

Step2: Connect IM508 and XP200.
Then you should connect the key programming tool and XP200 with the supplied cable.
Select immobilizer function on the main menu, and follow the onscreen instructions step by step to continue.

Programming key with Autel IM508.
Programming key with Autel IM508 required connections between the MaxiIM IM508 key programming tool and the XP200.
That is all the related information here. Hope it helps!

Autel TPMS tool TS508 can solve the tire sensor problem.

4. Solved! The way to identify Vehicle info by Autel MaxiIM IM508.
Dear friends, lots of friends consulted the way to identify vehicle info by Autel MaxiIM IM508. Now this article will show you clear solution of identifying vehicle info by Autel MaxiIM IM508. Autel MaxiIM diagnostic system can support four methods for vehicle Identification.
1.Auto VIN Scan
2.Manual VIN Input
3.Automatic Selection
4.Manual Selection

1.Auto VIN Scan:
On one hand, Auto VIN Scan and Manual VIN Input functions are applicable for IMMO, Diagnostic and Service applications on the Autel IM508 key programming tool, on the other hand, Automatic Selection and Manual Selection are applicable for Diagnostic and Service applications on the Autel IM508 key programming tool.
In IMMO, except Auto VIN Scan and Manual VIN Input methods, technicians can also manually choose vehicle manufacturer, instrument information step by step to locate the desired IMMO part, but you should attention that it is a little different from Automatic Selection and Manual Selection. Besides, as programming does not require connection with the vehicle,
therefore, Auto VIN Scan is not applicable for this application, and technicians can manually select the part information follow the onscreen instructions to display the function menu.

Auto VIN Scan
The MaxiIM diagnostic system can successfully feature the latest VIN-based Auto VIN Scan function to identify vehicles and it is applied to IMMO, Programming, Diagnostic and Service applications on the Autel IM508 key programming tool. IMMO provides two modes: Smart Mode and Expert Mode, and only Smart Mode can be accessed by using Auto VIN function.

To perform Auto VIN Scan
1)First, you should tap the IMMO application button from the MaxiIM Job Menu. The Vehicle Menu displays.
2)Then, you need to tap the VIN Scan button on the top toolbar to open a dropdown list successfully.
3)And then you should select Auto Detect. Once the test vehicle is successfully identified, the screen will show the vehicle profile. Next, you should tap OK at the bottom right to confirm the vehicle profile. If the VIN does not match with the test vehicle's VIN, you need to enter VIN manually or tap Read to acquire VIN again.
4)The next step is to tap Yes to confirm the vehicle profile or NO if the information is not correct.
5)Finally, the tool establishes communication with the vehicle and reads the IMMO control unit information on the Autel IM508 key programming tool.

2.Manual VIN Input
For vehicles that not supporting the Auto VIN Scan function, you may manually enter the vehicle VIN.

To perform Manual VIN Input
1) The first thing is to tap the IMMO application button from the MaxiIM Job Menu. The Vehicle Menu displays.
2) Then you should tap the VIN Scan button on the top toolbar.
3) Next thing is to select Manual Input.
4) Then you need to tap the input box and enter the correct VIN.
5) The last thing is to tap Done to complete or tap Cancel to exit Manual Input.

3.Automatic Selection
The Auto VIN Scan can be selected after selecting the test vehicle manufacturer.

To perform Automatic Selection
1)In order to perform Automatic Selection, you should tap the Diagnostic application button from the MaxiIM Job Menu.The Vehicle Menu displays.
2. Then you need to tap the manufacturer button of the test vehicle.
3)The last thing is to tap Automatic Selection and the VIN information will be automatically acquired. Follow the on-screen instruction step by step to display the function screen successfully.

4.Manual Selection
When you meet the following problem, for example, the vehicle's VIN is not automatically retrievable through the vehicle's ECU, or the specific VIN is unknown, the vehicle can be manually selected. This mode of vehicle selection is menu driven, then you should repeat the first two steps from the automatic selection operation and tap Manual Selection.
Then you can perform through a series of on-screen prompts and selections, the test vehicle is chosen. If needed, please press the Back button at the bottom right corner of the screen to return to the previous screen successfully.
That is all the related information here. Hope it helps!

5.Solved! The way to Read and Write Audi BCM2 Encrypted IMMO Data with Autel IM508.
Dear friends, in the automotive market, Autel MaxiIM IM508/IM608/IM608 Pro released Audi BCM2 encrypted immo data reading function in Dec, 2021. They all praised as multifunctional, powerful and useful Autel key programming tools in the automotive market. As well many friends asked the way to read and write Audi BCM2 Encrypted IMMO Data with Autel IM508.

IMMO_Audi Update
1. Adds Read IMMO Data (Encrypted) via Programmer function in Expert mode for IMMO 5 Audi A4/A5/Q5.
2. Adds Read IMMO Data (Encrypted) via Programmer function in Expert mode for IMMO 5 Audi A6/A7/A8.
3. Adds file template in Customize Commands function in Expert mode.

Support versions:
It can support these versions: 0510, 0521, 0551, 0550, 0572, 0582, 0633, 0641, 0650, 0711.
Here is a demo guide on reading BCM2 encrypted with Autel IM508+XP400 Pro in the automotive market. It is possible with normal XP400 because they both have APC101 adapter in the automotive market.
If you need to check the pinout the Gbox only providing the power + can lines thus the old one could be suitable too.
Next, you should go to IMMO- Audi- Expert Selection- IMMO V- A4/A5/Q5- Read IMMO Data via Programmer (encrypted)
Then performming this function will erase all keys and add keys for Audi A4, A5 and Q5 2013 onwards.

Check wiring diagram
First, Autel will show you the wiring diagram.
Then, you should connect IM508, XP400pro, Gbox2 and external power supply with BCM2 follow the diagram.
On the “VVP2” and on the “RESET” wires you need to use diodes (120 ohm)

Select Step 1 Identify vehicle information
First, you should check vehicle information accurately.
ECU software version 0650 is supported.

Select Step 2 Read Immo data
In this step, you need to connect programmer.

Reading data
If it can read data successfully, auto will save to default folder.

In this step, data will be written, you should attention that it is strictly forbidden to move the module during the execution.
During the process of writing data, it will take about 3-5 mins.
Then it can write data successfully.
Next, it retrieves VIN, CS code.
Function completed. Then you need to reset the module, so that it can install the module to the vehicle and check vehicle condition successfullyThat's all. Now you have a clear Understanding about Autel IM508. More Autel Maxisys Scanner