1. What cars can be Programmed by using Autel MK808 Key Fob Programming?
They include Honda Acura TSX ,Honda Acura TI, Honda Civic, Dodge Chrysler, Suzuki swift 2012, 2003 Nissan 350z etc. In general, the diagnostic tool features One Touch AutoVIN vehicle identification and AutoScan to quickly detect faults in over 55 makes and models worldwide including Abarth, Acura, Alfa, Audi, Bentley, Benz, BMW, Bugatti, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Ford, GM, etc.

Autel MK808

2.The ways to Reset Nissan ABS/ Traction ESP Light via Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808.

Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808
There is an ABS light, and traction ESP warning light on the Nissan Qashqai+2 J10(2008/8-) dashboard, so I’m gonna use Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Scan Tool to diagnose what it caused.
Connect Autel MK808 with OBD, press
Diagnostics >> Nissan >> Manual selection >> Europe >> Great Britain >> Qashqai+2 >> J10 >> 2008/8- >> Yes >> Diagnosis >> Control unit >> ABS >> Read codes
It tells one fault code: “C1102 – RR LH SENSOR-1”, which means there is a fault with the rear left hand sensor. Actually, I have put a new ABS sensor in.
So let’s press “Erase codes”.
Ignition on and engine off? Yes
DTCs and freeze data will be deleted.
Press “Yes” to continue.
Codes have been successfully erased.
Return to the function menu and tap “Read codes” to verify.
It says “No fault codes detected”.
But the warning lights are all on, that’s characteristic of this vehicle. So I need to turn the engine off then back on.
Alright, all warning light have gone!
Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool also works on other models of Nissan, Subaru, Infiniti… any more to perform 25 maintenance reset services.
Hope it can help you.

And this post "I bought my first proper scan tool" author from bobistheoilguy is an autel mk808 user, it explained very well, click here to know more about our mk808.

"Although the XTool D8 is a knock off of Autel, this Autel MK808 seems to be cheaper with similar capabilities or even more."  Luftmasse from bobistheoilguy forum said.

3. The ways to delete Software Downloaded in Autel MK808/MK808TS.
Many users do not know how and where to find or delete software that had been downloaded in the Autel MaxiCOM MK808/ Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS scan tool tablet. This article will help to solve the problem.
Paths Of Software Downloaded (eg. BMW software)
1. ES File Explorer >> Scan >> Vehicle >> Europe >> BMW
If there is one BMW software, delete it.
2. Also, delete it if you find one BMW software under the below 2 paths
– ES File Explorer >> Scan >> Download
– Maxisys >> Data Manager >> Apps Uninstall
In this way, the problem was solved.
Feedback: I had deleted Acura software in my MK808TS according to the paths above, but now I can’t find where to redownload it. Nothing in the “Diagnostic” and “Update”
Autonumen engineer replied: please refresh or restart the device, if still cannot find it, please contact online service.

4. The methods to use Autel MK808 to Regenerate BMW 530D 2014DPF.
Many users do not know the methods to use new autel scanner MK808 to Regenerate BMW 530D 2014DPF. Now I will show you the procedure.

Connect MK808 with BMW OBD2 port , press
Service>>DPF SCR aftertreatment>>BMW >>Automatic selection>>Read>>OK>>Yes
Hot functions>>Diesel particulate filter: request regeneration>>Continue
Note: owner-perceived problems such as lack of power or delayed engine response may be caused by a clogged Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)
It is recommended to perform a regeneration run.
Evaluation of the fault memory completed.
Service function is automatically continued.
Please wait......
An attempt is made to regenerate the particulate filter in the test steps below.
Therefore, regeneration is requested in the Digital Diesel Electronics(DDE) control unit.

Important: The tank must contain a minimum of 10L fuel for the steps below.
Important: The particulate filter can be regenerated only by driving the vehicle.
Time required:about 45 minutes
Driving profile: drive with moderation.
Press"F1"to request Regeneration .

In the next step, regeneration is requested by setting a certain value in the Digital Diesel Electronics(DDE) control unit.
Please wait......

Regeneration was successfully requested in the Digital Diesel Electronics(DDE) control unit.

Turn the ignition off, press"Continue".
Continue this procedure when the next message appears.
It will now take about 30s until the service function can be continued.
Please wait.......

For your information
If the PDF is heavily blocked with soot, it is possible that the regeneration may be blocked again or not enabled after a brief driving.
In this case, it is necessary to regenerate the DPF by driving on a motorway/trunk road for about 30 minutes at a speed as constant as possible.
Then repeat the service function DPF regeneration.

The current regeneration status is shown in the step below.
The statuses below can be observed with this display:
--Regeneration enabled or disabled .
--Regeneration active or inactive.
Press "Continue"

Current regeneration status:
--Regeneration enabled .
--Regeneration was active.
Note: this status is cyclically monitored.
Press "Continue" to exit the display.

Here we go to see the DPF soot mass value in live data, they are continuously reducing during the period of driving.
Using Autel MK808 Scan Tool to do DPF regeneration for BMW 530D 2014 was successful!

5.How to add a key to Toyota Lexus RX300 1999 via Autel MK808
This is a master key for the Toyota Lexus RX300, I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic scanner to make an extra key here. So let’s start:
Connect MK808 scanner to OBD2 port of Lexus,
Service >> Immo keys >> Lexus >> Manual selection >> RX300 >> North America >> 1999 >> Yes
Hot functions >> Auto remote match >> Immobilizer >> Transponder code registration、
Use this function to register a new key code, press “OK”.
This function serves to register an immobilizer key.
Note: If any step exceeds the time limit, transponder code registration will fail. Press “Next”.
Remove the key from the key cylinder, insert a registered master key into the key cylinder and turn the ignition on. Select “Sub key” to register, press “Next”.
Remove the master key form the key cylinder within 20s, then press “Next” immediately.
Press “Next” after inserting a new key into the key cylinder within 10s.
Now registering…
Wait for about 70s…
Transponder code registration is completed. Press “Esc” to exit.
Now let’s test the new key, it should start the car. Alright, it start it up successfully.
As you can see, Autel MK808 Scan Tool does program a new key for Toyota Lexus RX300, key programming has done in 4 minutes.

6.How to Reset Porsche's Airbag via Autel MK808
Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic tool supports Porsche module access all available car electronic systems like ABS, SRS(Airbag), Engine, Transmission, Brake Systems and etc.
Today, Autonumen.com is gonna show you the newest Autel MK808 Airbag car list for Porsche and the guide to use (to do an airbag reset on a 2013 Porsche Cayenne as an example)
As you can see, the Porsche has the airbag light showing on the dashboard, So let me plug the Autel MK808 into the OBD2 port, and get to start:
Diagnostics >> Porsche >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK
Yes >> Control unit >> Airbag >> Read codes
There is a fault code B100B1B, it says driver side airbag, limit value exceeded. I had already had a look around once I found this code. And I found a loose connection underneath the driver’s seat. I’ve put the loose connection back together but it is still obviously getting the airbag light.
So all I need to do is to erase the codes, I should be able to get rid of the airbag light and the fault codes.
Press “Erase codes”.
The ignition on and the engine off. Press “Yes”.
DTCs and freeze data will be deleted. Press “Yes” to continue.
Codes have been successfully erased. The airbag light has gone.
Now go back to read codes to verify. It is telling no fault codes detected.
Thanks to Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool to reset airbag warning light for this Porsche Cayenne. It covers all sorts of special functions such as Oil reset, TPMS, DPF, BMS SAS…to do as well.

7.The ways to Register&Update Autel MK808/MK808TS/MK808BT.
How to register Autel MK808, MK808TS, MK808BT?
This is a guide to show the registration & upgrade procedure for Autel MaxiCOM MK808, MK808TS & MK808BT. It is also applied to the most Original Autel Diagnostic Tool Tablets.
Note: please ensure the WiFi connection is good before processing.
How to register Autel MK808, MK808TS, MK808BT?
1. Open MaxiCom APP, click “Update”to login interface.
2. Register >> Create an Autel ID
Input your email address, password & verification code to sign up.
Your new account is successfully created.
3. Click “Register”, then log in.
The Autel scan tool will register with serial number automatically.
Click “OK” to next step.

How to update Autel MK808, MK808TS, MK808BT?
1. Click arrow buttons to update system apps firstly: OS, System Program, AutoVIN;
2. Select appropriate car software to update.
Note: Highly recommend you back up the diagnostic data in the Scan folder of the root directory of your memory. You can restore them in case of data loss or accidental deletion.
It will download & install the software automatically, just wait for completed.
Update process will take some time based on your network speed.

8.The ways to add Key for Ford Expedition via Autel MK808 .
Autel MaxiCOM MK808 is famous as an all-system diagnostic tool, but actually it supports key programming via “Immo keys” among 25 service functions. So today l will show you a successful case of how to add key for Ford Expedition by Autel MK808.
Let’s start it.
Turn on Autel MK808, and connect it to the vehicle.
Service>>Immo keys>>Ford>>Automatic selection>>Read
Confirm vehicle profile and enter system selection menu.
Before we program keys,
We must know it will erase all keys first for Ford, Honda, Toyota etc..
So we’d better prepare two keys at least to be programmed.
Select “PATS(Passive Anti Theft System)”, and insert the original key into the ignition and turn it on by prompts.
The device will start to gain security access.
This process takes about 10 minutes, and it’s erasing the original key for allowing key programming.
Then we are in function menu.
Select “Program additional ignition key”.
Take the original key out and insert the new key into the ignition by prompts.
Press “OK” to program the new key.
Within seconds, operation success.
Done! Nice and simple!
That’s how we add a new key for Ford Expedition by Autel mk808.
More functions to be explored!

9. What is the Advantage of Autel MK808?
Autel MaxiCOM MK808 is a professional car diagnostic tool that can access all available car electronic systems like ABS, SRS (Airbag), Engine, Transmission, Brake Systems and etc. It can read and clear fault codes (DTCs) on all systems and show live data steam of multiple sensors in graph and text.The Autel Maxicom MK808 automotive diagnostic scanner is a combination of the Maxicheck pro and MD802 all systems scanners. It has the ability to perform a wide range of functions such as basic OBD2 functions, special functions, and advanced functions like support auto bleed test and IMMO functions. Moreover, this scanner is compatible with more than 80 US, European, and Asian vehicle makes manufactured from 1996 and newer.
Autel MK808 special functions DPF, SAS, EPB, service reset etc.
Many Special functions are available in the MK808 menu system and they include oil reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, Brake bleed, DPF, Immo Keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, WIN DR Roof, Seats, Odometer, Lang Change, Headlamp, CHG Tire Size, TEC Learn, ABS/SRS, Cylinder, VGT learn, clutch, Trans adaption, Airbag reset & A/F setting.
Quite a lot of functions available, but the main functions are coding for ABS/SRS modules, DPD regeneration, Electronic Parking Brake, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, New battery registration, Injector coding, ABS brake bleeding & a lot more.
I concluded the advantages of MaxiCom MK808 Scanner as following:
Easy to use
Fast and accurate
Intuitive user interface
Extensive vehicle coverage
Full system diagnosis
Performs a wide range of functions
Rubber sleeve for protection
Sturdy carrying case for proper storage
If you want a scanner for your auto repair shop, then the MK808 scan tool is the best for you. I think it is a reliable tool for you.

10.Confirmed! The ways to add New Keys to Honda with Autel MK808 Immo Function.
Tested successfully!
Today, we has confirmed the immoblizer function of Autel Maxicom MK808. 100% tested on a Honda Acura and it's working.
3 steps made it.
Step 1: Add a new key
Step 2: Check the key registered
Step 3: Test the new key
In detail......
The new key(2+1 button) to be programmed
The dashboard status: on
The door status: open
In Autel MK808 scanner:
Auto selection..... reading VIN automatically.
Car: Honda--Acura--USA
Hot function
Keep ignition on until the tester directs you to turn the ignition off
The tester cannot program keys with a T5 stamped on the blade of the key or with the world ILCO on the plastic head. These keys can only be programmed with the ILCO key duplicator.
Establishing vehicle communication......
Autel MK808 starts to add a key
Add and delete keys --Add a key
Turn the ignition switch off within 17s
Turn the ignition switch to on with a new key within 20s
Turn the ignition switch off within 17s
Turn the ignition switch to on within 20s, without changing the key
Turn the ignition switch off and on
The immobilizer indicator light
Turn the ignition switch off
Turn the ignition switch to on with an original key
The registration of keys has been completed
Turn the ignition switch off
Check the key number
3 keys are registered
Test the new key
It's working
Autel MK808 immo function is verified to work on Honda!

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