The EVO II Dual 640T is the next generation of Autel Robotics' successful EVO platform. The new drone has a modular design that allows for unlimited expansion and is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Furthermore, the Live Deck feature allows pilots to share live, real-time aerial video across public or private networks. This allows data to be shared with Command Posts, stakeholders, or through online presentations.

The new Autel Robotics EVO II includes Dynamic Track 2.0, which allows it to model the location and speed of targets simultaneously, accurately predict their trajectory, and track them continuously while identifying up to 64 objects at the same time. This makes it an indispensable tool for businesses and governments that need to track multiple objects or people at the same time. The autel evo 2 thermal droneĀ is ideal for security, surveillance, or crowd control applications due to its numerous sensors and powerful tracking capabilities.

The new Autel Evo II Dual 640T records video in resolutions up to 76804320, providing unrivaled image clarity and depth. The Evo II Dual's 48MP sensor captures details with precision, making it the ideal tool for public safety professionals. Evidence capture is easier than ever before thanks to its thermal and RGB images, as well as embedded metadata.

Temperature is an important consideration in many industrial and laboratory settings. Many tasks require accurate temperature readings to ensure their safety and accuracy. TheĀ autel evo 2 droneĀ thermometer is a professional-grade thermometer that can provide accurate readings in a variety of settings. The Autel EVO II has multiple temperature measurement modes and can quickly take regional or spot measurements to get an accurate reading. Furthermore, the device has a central temperature measurement mode that can be used to obtain an overall temperature reading for an area. All of this data is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen with a backlight for use in low-light situations.

The autel evo 2 dualĀ is a powerful piece of equipment. It comes with one plane, one remote controller, one battery charging hub, one 12V car charger, one hard case, two extra batteries (for a total of three), and two extra propeller pairs. This package includes everything you need to get started, such as a quick guide, instructions, and warranty card. Furthermore, the aircraft is outfitted with a powerful camera capable of capturing stunning 4K video and photos. So, if you want a great aerial photography experience, the Autel Robotics EVO II 640T Bundle is the way to go.