The EVO II Dual 640T Thermal and 8K Drone Rugged Pack V2. This robust drone package includes a 640512 @ 30hz thermal sensor, an 8K/48mp RGB camera, and secure and encrypted data transfer, making it ideal for professional usage in sectors such as search and rescue, surveying, security, and more!

The autel evo 2 thermalĀ is an industry-leading drone with thermal imaging technology. The newest thermal imaging sensor from Autel Robotics recognizes subjects up to 100 meters away and records unparalleled detail in 8K 25fps (7,680 x 4,320) and 4K 60fps (3840 x 2,160) video rates. In addition, the 10 integrated thermal color palettes and picture-in-picture mode make it simple to recognize and comprehend data through thermal overlays over the visible light/RGB image. In addition, the camera can adapt to a range of challenging shooting conditions and mission scenarios. With its Picture-in-Picture mode, users may now simultaneously access visual and thermal data. This greatly simplifies placement and subject tracking. The EVO II Dual 640T is ideal for filming high-quality aerial footage with a flying length of up to 38 minutes, the longest battery life of any foldable.

The autel evo 2 drone is a comprehensive solution for measuring temperatures. It can display the current temperature in the screen's center, measure the spot temperature of an item, and provide a dynamic image of the average temperature, maximum temperature, and lowest temperature in a chosen region. With its extensive capabilities, this gadget enables users to collect data and make crucial choices more efficiently. Due to its user-friendly design and easy interface, theĀ autel evo 2 dualĀ is ideal for any business or person in need of accurate temperature monitoring capabilities.

The autel evo 2 thermal drone is compatible with the IR PC Tool, a free temperature measurement analysis tool developed by Autel. This user-friendly application allows users to easily input photos, update and analyze temperature values, and produce thorough reports for collaboration. Electric car troubleshooting may be performed more efficiently and successfully with the assistance of this potent instrument. This great resource provides a number of features, including temperature warnings, isotherms, and picture improvements.

Whether you need better efficiency or unparalleled clarity, the autel evo 2 droneĀ will meet your needs. Autel can fulfill all your imaging requirements.