The ultra-portable Autel maxicom mk808 diagnostic scanner delivers comprehensive diagnostics for all accessible automobile systems. With its powerful quad-core CPU, the MK808 provides optimal ease of use and swift diagnostics. The device's intuitive user interface and 7-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 make it simple to operate. Read/clear codes for all available systems, display live data in text, graph & analog for simple data review, auto VIN technology that quickly identifies the vehicle's make, model, and year, relearn parking brake pad after replacement, support IMMO functions, support forced DPF regeneration and adjusting injectors, reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), reset service mileage and service intervals, and support TPMS sensor resetting.

The Autel scanner maxicom mk808 can monitor engine ignition, fuel injection, air-to-fuel ratio, and exhaust emission parameters in the Engine system to enhance vehicle performance. In addition, this diagnostic tool can assess the condition of health by analyzing real-time data. This information might be beneficial for identifying automobile issues before they become serious.

The Autel mk808 support oil reset service enables customers to recalculate the Engine Oil Life system. For the electronic braking system's continued safety and efficacy, EPB maintenance is important. The BMS service enables the scan tool to determine the battery charge level, monitor the close-circuit current, record the battery replacement, and activate the vehicle's rest state. The DPF service is intended for Diesel Particulate Filter systems, including DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in, and DPF teach-in after engine control unit replacement. The SAS service is crucial in steering angle sensor calibration and removing incorrect steering angle sensor memory. Lastly, TPMS maintenance makes sense when you present sensor IDs from the vehicle's E-C-U and input them into your scan tool so you can find faults quickly and simply.

The Autel mk808 scanner is a professional diagnostic tool used to read codes, remove codes, reset monitors, and inspect live data streams. This tool also enables users to view freeze frame data and assess the I/M ready status. Using this instrument, you can maintain the functionality of your vehicle's emission-related systems.

The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 is a professional diagnostic scanner compatible with the vast majority of U.S. and European autos manufactured after 1996. The scanner is user-friendly and easy to operate thanks to its 7" touch screen and quad core CPU. The Wi-Fi connection obviates the need for a USB connector or card reader for software upgrades, which may be accomplished with a single touch. In addition, the Autel maxicom mk808 diagnostic scanner has a year of free online updates and a one-year warranty, making it an excellent pick for diagnostics.